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Instrukcja Obsługi

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Opis PIONEER A-307R/SDFXJ Instrukcja Obsługi

Kompletna instrukcja obsługi w formie pliku PDF. Plik PDF zostanie dostarczony na Twój adres email po jego zakupieniu.

Instrukcje obsługi (czasami nazywane także podręcznikiem użytkownika) opisuja funkcje i sposób działania danego produktu.

Instrukcja jest dostępna w następujących językach: English, Spanish, Japanese

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Tekstowy podgląd strony 10 (kliknij aby zobaczyć)
1. Set the VOLUME control to minimum. 2. Set the POWER switch to ON. 3. Press the SPEAKERS button corresponding to the speaker system to be used. 4. Set the BALANCE control to the center position. 5. Set the DIRECT button to off. 6. Set the TAPE 2 MONITOR button to off. 1. Load tapes for playback (pre-recorded tape) and recording (blank tape) into the respective cassette decks. 2. Select the copying direction with the INPUT SELECTOR knob and TAPE 2 MONITOR button.
÷ When copying from the cassette deck of TAPE 1/MD terminals to the cassette deck of the TAPE 2 MONITOR terminals: Set the INPUT SELECTOR knob to TAPE 1/ MD. ÷ When copying from the cassette deck of TAPE 2 MONITOR terminals to the cassette deck of TAPE 1/ MD terminals: Set the TAPE 2 MONITOR button to ON and the INPUT SELECTOR knob to a position other than TAPE 1/MD.

1. Set the INPUT SELECTOR knob to the desired playback source.
÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ For playback of a compact disc: Set to [CD]. For reception of an AM/FM broadcast: Set to [TUNER]. For playback of a record: Set to [PHONO]. For playback with the equipment connected to LINE terminals: Set to [LINE]. ÷ For playback of a tape: Set to [TAPE 1/MD].

3. Operate the cassette decks to begin copying.
Set the cassette deck with the original (playback) tape to the playback mode, and set the cassette deck with the blank tape to the recording mode.

[For a cassette deck]
÷ A cassette deck connected here can be operated in the same way (recording and playback) as a deck connected to the TAPE 2 MONITOR terminals. ÷ Also, if two decks are used, you can copy tapes from one deck onto the other (see the section âCOPYING TAPESâ).

÷ When you do not want to monitor the TAPE 2 MONITOR sound, set the TAPE 2 MONITOR button to OFF. ÷ When you select PHONO, the sound is muted for a few seconds.

2. Operate the equipment to begin playback. 3. Adjust playback volume with VOLUME control on this unit. 4. Adjust the tone to your preference using the BASS and TREBLE controls, and LOUDNESS button.

1. Set the TAPE 2 MONITOR button to ON. 2. Operate the cassette deck to perform playback (or recording).

1. Select the recording equipment with the INPUT SELECTOR knob. 2. Begin recording by operating the recording equipment and cassette deck.
Refer to the operating instructions of your cassette deck for proper operating procedures.


The source selected with the INPUT SELECTOR knob is backed up for a few days even when the POWER switch is set to off or the power cord is unplugged. After this period, the CD is automatically selected when the power is supplied.

[For an adaptor component]
By connecting a graphic equalizer, source sounds (from discs, tapes, AM/FM broadcasts, etc.) can be heard with added sound and tone compensation. Sounds compensated with the adaptor component can be recorded on the cassette deck connected to the TAPE 1/MD terminals.

When two decks are used, you can record the sounds from one deck onto the other.

Application examples:
÷ To make a tape copy with contents identical to the original tape. ÷ To edit a recording of an FM broadcast in order to cut out unwanted commercials, recording only of desired material onto another tape.

1. Set the TAPE 2 MONITOR button to ON. 2. Play back the source. 3. Operate the adaptor component.

Be sure to perform this operation with the adaptor component power switch in the on position. Even when not using the adaptor component, its power switch must be left on. If the adaptor component is switched off, no sound will be produced, or the playback sound will be distorted.


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